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What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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"You are hometown folks and you know my name. That means a lot."

"Treat their customers like family!"

"The staff"

"Friendliness and willingness to serve."

"Great service, hometown owned, caring people"

"Personal attention"

"The staff"

"I love the personalized service that we always receive and that the entire staff always goes above & beyond the call of duty to help me & my family!!"

"Friendly, they know me, and we talk UGA sports"

"Great people and service!"

"Personal service"

"Knowledgeable pharmacists"

"Personable, family oriented, knowledgable, compassionate, timely, and efficient"

"All of the above"

"Love the staff and the personal service!"

"Home-grown and family oriented!"

"Personal service"

"Always very friendly and helpful!"

"They are fast to fill a prescription."

"Family owned"

"Good folks who know you and whom we trust."

"Doing business with friendly, professional, and local people who know me."

"Personal attention"

"I love the professional way that Perry Drug Company takes care of my family's medication needs. Most of all, I appreciate their kindness and friendliness. They are the very best!"

"I love our local pharmacy. I love that they know me by name. Great people!"

"Ben, Hubert, & staff; best drug store in Perry"

"The staff at Perry Drug Company are always very helpful to us. We feel they have our backs!"

"Everything! Great people and the best service bar none!"



"Great people"

"Personal care"

"The staff and hometown feel and service"


"Personalized service"

"Efficiency; neighborly"

"Friendly, helpful, and great customer service"

"Great friendly people who take care of you!"

"Hometown people, friendly, and efficient; would not think of going anywhere else."

"This app on my phone is wonderful! I can refill whenever I have time, whether it's during business hours or not."

"The people who work there!"

"The people"


"Personable, friendly, efficient!"

"Promptness and knowledge"

"The wonderful staff."


You can help Perry Drug by leaving a great review on Google and Yelp - thank you!